What is Microsoft PowerPoint ?

ms PowerPoint

For communication we use words and image both. The human brain is much more adept at picking up patterns from pictorial representations. It is also as true as old saying ” A picture is worth a thousand words”. Presentation is a form of communication., where we get a chance to project our thoughts and ideas […]

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Introduction : Words are the basic unit of all types of communication. When it comes to written part, first we write it, and then read it to see whether there are any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the application. If any mistake is found then the whole exercise is repeated again. A small change in […]

What is internet ?

What is internet ?

Internet is a global connection of computers which are linked together by cables and telephone line making communication possible among them. It is a word wide network of computers. The main role of a network is to transfer data between 2 computers. For such communication we require : * The address of the destination. * […]

Communication technology : An overview

It is a fact that computers combine speed, accurate and diligence to ease many of our daily tasks. We can add one more to the above list of conveniences “Communication”. Computers were not originally meant for communication. But due to the advancement in technology, computers have been made to communicate just like a telephone on […]

Basic applications of computer

Here we are discussing the basic application of computers. Computer, most of the powerful force today, is being put to use everywhere. Now a days we are not only using it for complex numerical tasks like finding distance of one planet to other or commercial purposes but also in every field of life. Some of […]

Introduction to Computers : History & Early devices


Computers are the greatest achievement of our time. This age is nothing but “Computer Age”. Computers have infiltrated in most of the activities around us, they have become the backbone of our information systems and are improving our industrial efficiency and optimal operation. Generally the people think that a Computer is a fast calculator, but […]

Types of signalling tone

This article is a summary of various signaling tones used in telephonic communication.A number of signalling functions are involved in establishing, maintaining and releasing a telephone conversation. These functions are performed by an operator in manual exchange. In automatic switching system, the verbal signalling of the operator is replaced by a series of distinctive tones. […]

Steps involved in a telephone call

Steps involved in telephone call

Many people doesn’t know how many steps involved in a telephone call. This article technically clear the all steps involved in the telephone call.                       The progress of a telephone call with loop-start signaling in place can be divided into five phases; on-hook, off hook, […]

What is telecommunication switching ?

What is telecommunication switching ?

The switching in telecommunication is used to interconnect the inlet and outlet by the use of digital or computerized control. This is the process of making connections between two or more telecommunication devices. So they can communicate with each other. Practical telecommunication networks contain many switching nodes, usually connected between themselves in the hierarchical order. […]

how to calculate voltage across a resistor ( series and parallel )

This tutorial deals with all these problem and give a accurate solution.Voltage is defined as the electric potential difference between the two points in any circuit. Voltage is also known as the potential drop, lost of energy or used energy . The  standard unit of Voltage is volt and denoted by the letter ” V […]

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